Victory Preschool

To teach each child:


  • To know who he is, where he came from, what the purpose of life is and where he is going.
  • To know God as Father and Creator of all things, laying a solid foundation in the character development of the child which will equip him for life.
  • To know and love the Bible as God's word.
  • To develop a growing love relationship with Jesus Christ


  • To accept himself as a person with value – important, unique and created by God.
  • To learn how to freely express his feelings.
  • To accept and overcome problems in pressure situations.


  • To encourage each child to develop strong, healthy relationships with other children and adults, considering others in genuine love, courtesy and obedience.
  • To learn to work and play harmoniously with others.


  • To encourage each child to actively participate in both indoor and outdoor physical activities, developing balance and large and fine motor co-ordination.
  • To develop positive health habits.


  • To encourage independent, creative thinking.
  • To develop language and vocabulary.
  • To develop concentration span.
  • To develop reading, writing and mathematical readiness through discovery, play and observation.