Victory Christian Academy Private School La Lucia

Victory Christian Academy (VCA) provides schooling for learners from Grade 000 to Grade 12 using the Accelerated Christian Education programme.

Victory Christian Academy (VCA) is a Christian school set in the heart of La Lucia. Victory Christian Academy comprises a pre-primary school, beginning from the age of three, a primary school and a high school. All of this is situated on 10 hectares of beautiful pristine land.

This school, which is part of the Durban North area, is a co-educational private school that provides learners with an excellent, all round education. It prepares them for life and the world of work. Special attention is given to character development, values and moral education. At VCA, all learners are taught from their very first day to uphold the values of: Respect, Excellence, Godliness and Integrity (R.E.G.I).

Best in Private School Education

The system of learning offers a unique, individualised, Bible-based methodology and follows the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. This allows each student to progress at their own pace. Every day students set their own goals detailing when and how much work will be completed. This is done in conjunction with their class supervisor. Training is also offered in social skills which range from the basic teaching of greeting all teachers and parents to public speaking in its many forms. Leadership skills training is focused on from an early age with the view that VCA learners don't just get along, they get ahead!

Academics are not the only focus at VCA. Many other activities are offered to ensure the student's holistic education. Learners are encouraged to take part in the vast array of extra- curricular activities on offer. These encompass many sports from netball to soccer to athletics as well as cultural activities including working on the Victory Voice (school magazine) to being in the band.

We understand the need for a student to perform to the best of their individual ability which is why communication with parents on learner progress and an incentive program has been made a high priority. Parents are welcome to contact their child's supervisor through any form of communication with any question or need. On the other side students are encouraged to perform through an incentive of a fun and exciting termly Honour Roll.

Victory Christian Academy offers the best in private education. There is always a warm and caring environment available for your child to grow and become the best they can be. We pride ourselves on being a family which respects uniqueness and individuality. You have laid the foundations, let us build the future.