Our Rewards System

Rewarding learners for diligence, following Learning Centre Procedures, and displaying Christian character certainly provides them with incentives to continue striving to be the best they can be.

Green Dot

The green dot is an incentive (treat) for learners to achieve perfect goal check for at least 3 of the 5 days in a week. Perfect goal check is achieved when a learner does the following:

  • Set goals correctly for the day.
  • Completes these goals at school.
  • Scores and rescores correctly.
  • Sets new goals for the next day.
  • Returns his communication envelope/reply slips duly signed when necessary.
  • Has his/her homework book signed.

Merit Box

Learners use their filled merit cards to purchase an item from the merit box. There is so much fun and excitement when this occurs as we all know children love rewards.

Honour Roll

At the end of each term students need to achieve 18 stars, an amount agreed upon by their Supervisor in order to make honour roll. All the students that achieved honour roll will then go on an outing agreed upon by the students and Supervisors e.g. beach, Ushaka, movies, fun-fair, iceskating, paint ball etc.


This is achieved if a student doubles his/her amount of stars per week number e.g. week 2 = 4 stars, week 3 = 6 stars. The students will then be rewarded by getting an additional 10 minutes added to their lunch break and free scoring for a week.